Em7b5 ( Mi minor Seven bemol Five )

This chord is called: Mi minor Seven bemol Five

It has the following characteristics

- Diminished Chord
- It hasthe minor seventh.

The notes that make up this chord are: D E G Bb

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Play Em7b5 ( Mi minor Seven bemol Five ) with the Piano/Keyboard

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Option 1 to play a chord Em7b5

[3 x 0 3 3 0]

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e <OpenNote
B 3ºFret
G 3ºFret
D <OpenNote
A <DontPlay
E 3ºFret
Found recommendations
- Finger 1 on the fret 3 on the string 3.
- Finger 2 on the fret 3 on the string 6.
- Finger 3 on the fret 3 on the string 2.
- Play the string 5 Do not strum this string.
- Play the string 4 as open note.
- Play the string 1 as open note.
If this is too hard, try using a different combination.

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